For many people Pep Colomer was always a reserved person and is still unknown. Who was Pep Colomer? What did this figure of grey appearance in the black city devote so many hours and years to? Colomer was a constant yet enigmatic and silent presence in the Girona that went from the Republic through to the restoration of democracy, with the entire Francoist period in between. He related to very few people for a long period of time and with the openness necessary to know what there was behind that imposing yet distant presence.

Fifteen years after it was set up, the Colomer-Sanz Foundation has been able to realise the project of preserving and presenting a retrospective vision of the life and artistic career of Pep Colomer. We would not have been able to do it without the complicity and help of those people impassioned by Colomer who have believed in the project from the moment we received the commission from the foundation. Our approach to the work of Colomer has been back to front: from a mixture of ignorance and scepticism we have gradually penetrated a character that has been revealed through an oeuvre and a legacy that not only speaks of him but also of a period, a city and, above all, of creativity as a way of confronting the human experience. This project, is not for preaching to the converted, and nor is it to find everything we already knew about Colomer; quite the opposite, it is to ensure that many other people, now and in the future, can relive this process of looking close-up at the life of an artist, difficult and full of contradictions, in order to learn precisely how to live.

With its commitment to publicize and promote the study of the Girona artist’s work the The Fundació Colomer-Sanz believes that the new technologies provide us with an excellent opportunity to make an exhaustive compilation and cataloguing of his artistic legacy, which can also be downloaded as a free app for iPad.