Pep Colomer


Note: this chapter includes most of Pep Colomer’s self-published book of 1991. Specifically, the texts correspond to pages 1-56 and 121-130 of the original edition. On transcribing the texts we have respected the vocabulary and syntax of the original text, aware that the author often used an unusual Catalan, and we have corrected what were strictly typographic and grammatical errors.





I think that the book I present here is necessary, in that it deals with those essential imperatives that have never been attended to. And that perhaps now begin to be ripe for demanding a certain revision (generalised) that provides deep and radical changes regarding a very different way of living from what has always been imposed. In which, for the first time, Man will realise what (in relation to himself) the Great Unknown is. And that, by consequent projection, continues not understanding everything else that it involves.

It will be a revision that directly affects those fundamental aspects on which our meaning and our lives are sustained.

Firstly, and following the order of the Book, after some “Prior Reflections”, I go on to formulate the “I suggest, the Philosophical-comprehensive Conception” on which we should base our genuine and decisive “Raison d’être”. An aspect which—as could be noticed—I believe contributes in its essential points an unusual vision that I have endeavoured to be demonstrable and, therefore, useable.

Formulating, at the same time, an equally renewing conception of the “Psychotherapeutic problem” at a Humanistic and Personal Access level.

It is for these reasons that I think that the Book is valid and deserves to be published. And thus be able to spread the values of its message.






In the beginning

(if there had been any beginning),

The Presence of the Meaning

—perhaps an unusual Island—

Continues on its way.


Among the silent ambits

of the Absolute Sphere,

as background

always in force

of an existence that produces

(in sufficient vocation)

to make the Derivation

not end in “Nothing”.


A “Nothing”

that will always be Real

and, in fact, a Pure Enigma.

But the Meaning

(both of “what is”

and what it can be)

remains clear

at the level of the Conscience.


The Conscience of Understanding

that the “Acceding” is not useless;

Guaranteeing that the Spirit

will always be kept in force

at the level of Merit.





If at some time it has occurred to us to take a glance at “what is”, “what we do”, what we aim for”, it is obvious that we will have extracted a certain impression of dissatisfaction; of a precarious and unconvincing “getting on with it. In both ourselves and others.

But we will also have been able to notice that Nature—as a whole—remain in Order. And that the Disorder is us—the human species—, that which we continue producing blindly, systematically; all in all irresponsibly.

It is this realisation that will make it necessary to make a general revision regarding what we do and we propose and in reality where we are going.

But our attempt at Understanding what Reality is (in whatever aspect it may be) involves taking into account the validity of the existential whole at the level of the Absolute that it seems to be.

With which when we refer to the integral Totality it is Imposed; it is always what is shown to us regarding the drift.

And that is the priority question. The essential interrogative of what all the others come from: what we are—the why—, for what end.

These (unavoidable) interrogatives are those that are thought about as the basis of Anxiety. Indistinctively “Neurotic” of Creative.

It is, as C.G. Jung said, “nous ne valons que par l’Essentiel. Si l’on n’y trouve pas d’accés, la Vie est gaspillée”.

From here comes the anxiety—more or less noticed or avoided—of Solitude itself.

Which leads to existence makes us think about the double presence of Reality, co-existing separated from the drift that—precariously—continues pursuing the human species.

Concretised in the “oppressive problem” in which the personal trajectory of each one is debated.

Here, then is where the great challenge lies: that the Being achieves taking on Reality in full, identifying themselves with it in an available and creative way. And thus overcoming the Enigma. In which the decisive obstacle is that of Subjectivity, imposing on each one an exclusivist vision, tendentiously restrictive of Life. And this is how the barriers of non-communication are gradually erected; that of the desire that slowly wanes and does not find an expression. Making each one of us fall into the traps of the illusory.

While initially hope raises us, very soon the ghosts of the indefectible frustration appear, which leads us to co-exist without living. We trick each other mutually; often harming ourselves without wanting to. Confusing love with possessing. Obsessed with laughable, inconsistent vanities.

And meanwhile, around us, the existence pursues its transformations within the witnessed “climax” of a permanent miracle. Difficult to express. That of an unshakeable Order unfolding

—indefectible—in a rhythm of alternations that promote and compensate the supreme transcendence of a Meaning and a simply prodigious Beauty.

And this is what escapes us; that which is the Essential. The sole motivation that would give Life that raison d’être of Being through which it justifies and deserves to be experienced.

Giving oneself up to it to adore it and serve it. Despite the Enigma remaining, at the moment, irreducible.

But in rigour, more than Enigma, what in reality is the question is that:

At the basis of all possibility of Comprehension, one considers the evidence of a direct identifying relationship between the phenomenic validity and Meaning of “what is” in each case and situation.

So, existence has the option of taking on that meaning that orients and stimulates it to continue, in the conscience of what is unlimited. And which will give us (and more) everything we deserve.

One speaks excessively. Often, without any need, unconsciously and gratuitously. To cover the obstacle of Vacuity itself.

A way of speaking that, unaccustomed to stopping, does not know how to in the moments—exceptional—in which Silence imposes itself (at least different) on finding us before situations that go outside the usual routine; providing us with an aspect, a feeling that, disturbs us in an unusual mixture of the obvious and felt difficult to assimilate. And even more of Understanding. Because we are surprised discovering ourselves, confronting ourselves with an aspect of the things that we not only ignore, but—even more—which, without us realising, at the very bottom of our Being we avoid—since time immemorial—exceedingly and systematically.

Like sensing a danger or something very uncomfortable that we should avoid.

Nothing more and nothing less than the Presence—obsessive and silent—Transcendent of “what is”, and imposes itself—essentially—as being the genuine, inexpressible Reality. Of us—of each one in their inner being—and in the surrounding Image that supports and substantiates

 us in what we are and what we are destined to Be.

A Silence—essential—that is considered as an appreciable condition to establish the dialogue with the Essential Meaning.

Which should not be interfered with and needs to continue producing the initial fluency of its hidden messages; distilling its secret at the level of confidence. Suggestively transmitted in the pure intuition that unifies “what is” with what it “Feels”.

Nothing more than with giving oneself—available—limiting oneself to Contemplating and “Letting Be”.

If what—erroneously—has been considered as “Senses” (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) were something more than mere perceptive faculties of phenomenic effects, there would be a basis for thinking that everyone could experience these Sensations of an exceptional nature that only seem to be observed or detected by small—derisory—minorities.

So the “Senses” understood as Organs would be those which—certainly—would be in conditions to assume those Experiences that, in fact, would occur as direct exponents of the Imminent Significance, being solved in relevant specific formations that, in themselves, we nevertheless consider exceptionally at the level of quality and transcendence.

From which we would have to reach the conclusion that it would not be the faculty of “Feeling” that would come from the Organ. Rather that, very differently, the possibility of capturing, of identifying the Reality, would arise directly from the “Ascetics” that the Person concerned undertakes. In other words, the degree and level of Sensibility and Conscience that they assume.

Quality or condition that—apart from being inherent—can also be seen improved and strengthened by means of the permanent exercising of a suitable “Attitude”. That which consists of keeping oneself focused; available and alert to connect the Presences. Solving—fabulous—in the sense of the Work of Art. In other words, of an existence tending towards the experience and spiritual creativity sustained in Sensations, or on the contrary, continuing merely vegetative; on the tail of hunger and satisfaction.

There are days or moments in which the situation appears diffuse, mixed in the distinct options that are not really noticeable or exact. And one feels uncomfortable, irritable, without seeing a reason why. They are transitory situations in which we should be attentive, avoiding making a pronouncement one way or the other. More than ever applying “Leave Be”. Trying to contemplate the drift and presence of the ecstatic, silent things. Since it is in these moments when everything is shown to us in a disused, different way; in its objective reality. And not with the appearance that we assign to it. Avoiding, therefore, intervention. Being capable of accepting what happens as being pertinent within the terms of what can really be. Rich, nevertheless, of something unforeseen, bringing us the surprise that exceeds our limits. Those of the routine, subjective vision; without enthusiasm or desires. Trying to look at the setting as an unknown place. Which is what reality is. And applying oneself in discovering it as the Complementary part that we do not even suspect.

That which would make us notice the Unity of us and Everything as the Meaning of Life. Experiencing it in its Plenitude. That of the prodigy of Being.

Once this innate relationship we have with “the other” has been felt (or noticed), one can no longer avoid reflecting on what would lead one to ask up to what point would it be licit and convenient on the one hand (and possible the other) to limit oneself to continuing—exclusively—the relationship between humans, or, in contrast, trying to go deeper into a personal connection between things and our intimacy.

Sensing that it would possibly be along these lines that the Vacuity in each one would dilute; and at the same time would be filled with an unlimited (exhaustive) content of unforeseen meaning and transcendence, which would raise us to unsuspected levels of reality and conscience.

Mainly when (now from the level at which we produce) we cannot trick ourselves regarding the meagre, ridiculous creative-spiritual quality that motivates and substantiates our living.

Increasingly more uniform, too dry, programmed. Promoter of inertia—nothing more than vegetative, reactive—, which is resolved in routine, tedium, indifference; in inner vacuity and “Neurosis” resulting in not finding any way out.

It doesn’t matter if you “entertain yourself” or “medicate yourself”. Just to “keep going on”.

And here we are and this is how we go. Simply groping our way along; continuing a life without object.

And it is this, which should be reviewed; trying to find an answer to the eternal question of “what are we?”, of the “why?”, for “what end” do we exist?, and know what confines us.

No more—and no less—than the sufficient and decisive answer that only “everything else” can provide us with.

A silent response: prodigiously revealing, Present. Always valid and effective.

Do not ask for anything else than see oneself in demand and approached in a trustful way, available.

In the suitable “Attitude” to collect the messages—ineffable—that—Reality—, eternally, continues to give off.

Deeper, behind and above the situations, phenomena and things that affect us or move us in varied intensity—excited or admiring—, if we stay alert and available (simply in a state of expectant contemplation), often we will accede to a level of simply prodigious, inexpressible experience and transcendence.

In which everything is limited on being no more than the support (in raptures) of a supreme unusual, inconceivable fulfilment.

That of the secret dialogue between Light and Silence expanding into a canticle of Beauty and Beatitude that flow and echo revealing to us

—initiation—as beautified Ascetics—the highest Sense of Being.

A Spirit, a Sense, which rises and sustains nothing more than the enigmatic Presence; but also sheltering, of the Ordered Validity. In which everything is possible in virtue of the “Leaving Be”.

In other words, of being able to be, in the exact moment in which it is seen as possible. In the strict conditions in which it can be formulated genuinely, optimally creative. In rigour, no less than strictly necessary. But at the same time desirable, deserved; sufficient.




In an attempt to Understand the Origin of what Exists, I think that (better than referring to something not at all convincing and problematic) we must confine ourselves to the validity—Imminent, Unalterable—of Significance solving it according to what is Possible; as a sole decisive base.

Noting that everything that this produces can be nothing other than a “Result”. That of the Infinite of the “All and Nothing”. In other words, of the Absolute, available and simultaneous. And it must be in the sphere of the Meaning (Unicitary and Inseparable, though Conditionable) that the eventuality of Being can appear, virtually and relatively.

A Neutral and Potential field, solved as “Vocation of being”, with which Existing is justified. Realising oneself, self-demanding.

In rigour, therefore, one can affirm that there is only one Reality. That of each one, Yours. That which you live. Objectively synthesised in strict Testimony of Meaning and of Personal Presence.

Being thus, it is clear that—in fact—we are nothing more than Centrality (Conscience-raising) of what may be the Enigma. An Enigma that considers and continues in that “Option of Being” that sustains Existence in the Creative instance of a supreme Complement.

That which ensures us that effort has its Meaning (it will not be useless) and which culminates Extending itself.

An Existence that will have to be produced abstaining from looking or considering the Absolute in its Centrality. And, on the contrary, must only be from itself to maintain the Unity of the Totality that sustains us; from my Interior and from the Exterior that surrounds us in infinite expansion.

Everything, therefore, consists of promoting and expanding one’s Own Centrality, Personal, in the Absolute sphere, Imminent, of the Spherical Significance. That of the permanent “All and Nothing”, polarising (Complementary) in the essential Points or Tendencies of those that are determined; in the formations (diversely efficient) of Creativity more or less Transcendent-Equationed; in Process of the Existent.

As we see, therefore, Reality is Absolute. And it is in this where the Enigma lies; in this Content (exhaustive-undefinable) that is imposed as sole evidence. TO WHICH ALL BEINGS (all species possible of existence) is subordinate and obeys its “Law”; that of the Organicity of the Conflicting factors.

Being thus, existing presupposes maintaining oneself in permanent attention. In order not to lose contact with the Essential Meaning. That at each moment transforms continuing its Process of constant renewal. Which is also Personal, exclusive, non-transferable, in each thing, in each Being, destined to Realise itself (unlimited) in that which is always Possible; the constant realisation—in all the aspects and levels—in direction of Perfection; that is, of the “Work of Art”. Which demands to be Personal. Simply Unitary.

And this is how the Absolute is gradually realised; in terms of Total.

Conceptualised in this way, it is clear that All (existential-collectively) needs to be revised. Since we live and we confine ourselves to a series of habits, conveniences and interests basically arguable. Imposing themselves on us as “Rules” which must be denounced and overcome.

Now from the fundamental approaches (Culture-Order-Economy, etc.). In an attempt to give Existence a Creative Meaning and sufficient to be able to justify it and, moreover, promote it in constant improvement. A meaning fully justified in the effort it demands of us. Experiencing Reality noticing—as we have already said—that what in rigour is involved is of an Enigma that demands and presupposes an “Attitude” of searching and Vocation. Acceding to it to realise oneself in Personal Plenitude, Unitary.

We must conclude, therefore, that the essential Objective should consist of “Feeling”. Not in Man alone: in everything. But this “Feeling” is a gradation (unlimited) that extends from the most immediate and restricted to the Total Absolute.

“Feeling”, then, would be an Art, the supreme “Art” of combining what exists to make it reveal its valid content; in a Creative way.

But “Art”—it is already well-known—is always the most difficult. Everyone, therefore, should be an Artist (of Life), Experiencing it intensely as a unique experience, and making it communicable. Interchanging it, in order to compensate the deficiencies in each one (all things) can have; generously, comprehensive.

And it is only thus how Existence would obtain its Meaning, its “Raison d’Être”; sufficient, unavoidable. An impeccable “Attitude” that demands—indefectible—the very Merit.

In rigour, a question of strict Sensitivity. In which the Being tries to detect what in reality they can be. The same old Eternal Enigma. Not knowing if it is illusory or real. But what matters

—it should be said—is the Vocational “Attitude”, oriented to remain Creative.

And this is All that one can do. Assuming it in a responsible way, Religious. Feeling that Life does not occur uselessly; that we have come here to do something, that has never yet existed. Which is more than enough. Considering “Pure Enigma”; that of “What is it?”, of “How?”, for “What End?”. In order to discover that the act of Being will always be—in itself—an inexpressible Prodigy.

Simply neither more nor less than an “Ascetics” of the Spirit. In which the Being (or all as it is produced) must limit themselves to “Feeling”; to detect and assume “what it Is” transforming constantly.

And from their Sensations—genuine, personal—applying in “acceding” to be able to realise themselves.

An “Order” that is based on the double tendentiality—Complementary—with the aim of being able to fulfil the exigency of Absolute; in other words, of the Total (possible or determinable), being solved at all times in Equation of Meaning. Or, even better, of Presence.

Equation based on the discrimination of the formalising factors. This is: a Priority factor, another Outstanding one, another […] and another Neutralised. Four irreplaceable factors for which one considers (in all situations) the Presence of “What it Is” or is determined. And, therefore, of its Meaning. Evolutional, variable.

And it is over this base that the diverse Conditions that the Presence considers in four distinct groups are required and specified: Unity, Discrimination, Complementariness and Assimilation.

Therefore, Everyone (each one), as should occur in other things, would have produce ourselves and Comprehend according to the strict “Order”.

Producing, expanding and extinguishing oneself existentially, where Dying could be nothing more than a phase of the Transformative Process in which the Enigma is maintained.

But for the Being (for all things), if they accede to it, with the Existence, just as it is, it is enough to obtain the Meaning that justifies it. A continuing in which all is possible (as well as unforeseeable).

Each one must continue discovering by themselves; as supreme instance.

It cannot be a question of any kind of “Reincarnation”. What is imposed is Being; the best that can be. And the Existence lived (as it happens) will not stop exercising—sometimes successively—the qualities of the Ascetics experienced in preceding stages.

What counts, therefore, is confining oneself to the Experience that occurs through the content (Unicitary-Personal) promoting the Integration of the Periphery into the Centre.

A classifying gradation in which Existence (in all thngs, at all levels) occurs synthesised in various gradations Validity and Plenitude. Without which nothing intervenes outside the valid “Order”.

Producing for us a trailer of eventful origin; humanly insensible. In which only one possible alternative is seen: that of resigning oneself to follow and obey without any type of exigency (simply reacting) or being responsible for making oneself conscious.

Because, in the end, what it involves is that Existence is exercised Creatively; giving it its own meaning of exhaustive Plenitude. Guiding it Impeccably and Available; to do (or not do) what one “feels” what they must be; in genuine instance.

Which would lead us to conclude that the just revealing, initiating capture could only occur as a pure, ineffable, spiritual act. Despite the fact that a very small, ridiculous minority can sense it in some way.

Considering as capital exponent of a reality that uniquely at this level reaches the faculty of showing ourselves in exceptional terms a supreme integration harmoniously coordinated. Religious.

As regards the unnoticed, the inconsideration, they can only be increased by what we know only too well that continues to be a clear disappointment: that, despite the ingenious pretension of determining to a level of supreme primacy, man—generically—only has and uses a genuine sensitive-spiritual imperative which moves him the “feel” and to create in the terms and according to “the Work of Art”.

And this is how an existence that in principle (nutritive-consciousness raising) should be exercised based on a constant, unavoidable “Sensation” (experienced. alert and responsible), in contrast one is detoured—obsessive—behind what one desires, what one does, what one fears, from what one avoids, etc.

What produces the ill-fated results of a disillusionment and the following “Crisis” that we all know; which can only be avoided or overcome not exactly by “distracting oneself” or “medicating oneself”. But, quite the opposite, by trying to Comprehend and adapt starting from nothing other than oneself.

Promoting thus a practically unlimited “conscience-raising” gradation as the sole priority objective. Convinced that in terms of self-realisation this would lie in maintaining oneself in an inner state of Impeccability that would determine the consequent strain of availability. In which all forms of impulsiveness, hunger, intolerance, etc. would be neglected. Sensing in each moment the corresponding Meaning.

Since it is always the intimate sensation of

“being in false” which imposes on us the precarious “Attitude” and the Conduct; without ever finding the exact measure that the situation requires.

It must be, therefore, the Impeccability, that which constitutes the “first cause” of Disorder when it is ignored. The only thing that, in a silent way, unnoticed, produces the great miracle: that of creating Order and Meaning at all levels.

Order or Disorder that in practice corresponds to the concepts of Ascetics or Drift; (Upwards or Downwards) in direct relation to Meaning and Expression; Transcendent or effective according to whatever the Equation is.

“Ascetics”: avoidance and contention, disinterestedly at the service of the best. More realised, inasmuch as considering as simpler and more difficult.

Drift; uncontained hunger, exclusivist. The more vacuous and inconsistent the easier and more confusing it is for us. One and the other decisively subordinated to the notions of Impeccability and its consequent Merit. Therefore, if one is convinced that existence can only be the work of Divinity, by principle it presupposes the sole act of attempting the absolute minimum investigative search as irreverence. However, in the Opposite, what in the end one “feels” is the evidence of an Enigma in which nothing seems comprehensible and accessible, then, I believe that not only is it licit to make any attempt at investigation, but also that this must be “Ascetics” that which responsibly justifies the act of Being.

In consequence, it is clear that with the reflexive and deductive method that considers approaches in their particularised aspects and conditions no longer of use to us, the pertinent perception and elucidation of what is “the real thing” must be solved by imposing on ourselves a total and profound revision of what until today we have gone on accepting and have used as if it were valid. Confusing it often with what is considered as already relatively known and convenient.

Revision that would only be possible applying oneself to it with the right “Attitude” that is needed. Decanted in capturing the Sensation that arises transcending the Presence.

Which means that far from the “cogito, therefore I am”, I postulate a different axiom: that “If I am, I feel, therefore It is”, as a Comprehensive-Creative rule of unlimited validity and efficiency.

In this sense I continue noting that, luckily, every day I know less things; for the fact that my memory fails me and also perhaps because I have no interest whatsoever in accumulating knowledge (whatever type) at any level or in any aspect Which does not concern me in the least; rather I consider it as a liberation.

In contrast, what I do have is a progressive interest in being able to understand it all; since everything is found closely related. And what is imposed is to go on assimilating in the terms and in the meaning in which it is approached.

Looking at the evidence that everything is different, and luckily this is the case; if it were not, Existence would have no meaning or even be possible.

For all this prodigious diversity of Vocations and Aptitudes (more or less interested or imposed “Real-logical”) it would have to have a higher instance that above all carries the guarantee of a level of transcendent content that would give them validity equally in terms of Realisation.

An intimate, genuine level through which Everything—without exception—would hold a faculty of Sensitizing and Creative aspiration that would show the evidence that is the Meaning, which must be a decisive premise.

And that the Expression is also justified (fully indispensable) in its adaptable divesrity.

But not the opposite as often occurs; maintaining the priority and supplanting to the inescapable Meaning. That which sustains, makes effective, the coexistent Organicity of how much everything Is.

It is true that Order and Disorder coexist (just as Taoism argues), but are not equivalents. Quite the contrary, Disorder is necessarily found subordinated to Order.

Only when Order breaks (it is unattended to) is there the place and occasion for Disorder to occur. It can be confirmed, therefore, that Disorder could never be Objective.

A sufficient sign to urge and orient the Attitude and Action positively.

In the sense that if things are done well, as a direct consequence they will turn out well, and if they are done badly, they will also turn out badly.

Of course damage can be done without noticing it. The matter then enters into the situation in which Merit intervenes. And in this specific case, Reality often offers another opportunity to do things well.

Which requires in a prior manner Availability to act Honestly from the very Beginning. And continue up to the end. Abstaining from entering into the Subjective way.

That which leads us to intervene behind a tendency of a desire or an interested hunger, Not “felt”. Obeying a motivation that was diverted from what should be the suitable Objective. And this seems to be the permanent interplay of Life; a Circuit—infinite—of Transcendent Meaning, which begins and always finishes—alternative—around the Enigma. Which, like everything, is relative.

Thus, if one applies oneself in Starting with the “Pure Beginning” asking the “What am I?”, to the “Why?” and the “To Do What?”, the path would be redirected if one were to seek to find an answer in it. The answer—the result—will arise spontaneously—by itself—as the Ascetics makes it way ahead; long or short. We cannot know.

Therefore what matters is not obtaining the answers—nothing more—that appear in time. And, meanwhile, it is the process of Ascetics that proves to be effective in various results, behind Attitude and Action; the right ones, the pertinent ones, for the Process to take place.

Confining oneself to capture the Sensations and, with them, the Reality, of each moment, of each thing, with the aim that the Being realises themselves.

The Realised Being; that which, Conscious, would be limited to adapting to in strict imperative of Meaning and Creative Instance, Religious. Assuming the Integral Order experiencing it calmly; Impeccable and Available at the service of the Supreme Fulfilment.

Exercising in their environment a spontaneous influence—not forced—that would extend a “Climate” of Nobility and Efficiency according to Quality.

Sufficient to achieve a generous and genuine coexistence, maintaining a level of vocation and contained exigency, comprehensive; being resolved in Work of Art.

A Realisation that, in effective terms, would place the Imperative of Conscience in the foreground.

That of the Being itself and the Beginning—radical—in which Everything is promoted and determined in strict Unicity. Destined to realise oneself in exhaustive Transcendence.

We make the World and what Exists the exponent—harmonised—of Possibility, produced—sufficient—at the service of the Absolute. Abolishing thus the Enigma; what is produced only when Disorder decides; blind and unscrupulous, simply.

The Conscience, then, is nothing more than the “testimony” that states “what it is” experiencing it exhaustively and simultaneously.

A simple “Climatic Feeling” (spontaneous-available) of the valid Reality. Noticing the Tendency that it involves and, therefore, the Conditions in which it is considered.

On the other hand, everything is necessary; whether it is positive or negative.

Being thus, existing is shown to be motivated enough despite the difficulties that this involves a priori. And that in the end that are an inducement in order to overcome. And thus manage to accede to a level of fulfilment.

Nothing more than the constant occasion for which the Possible occurs in instance and in unalterable validity of harmony and Plenitude.

Thus, in summary, at an essential level of Conscious Experience, the basis of the Attitude would consist of “Feeling of Being the Centre”. And, from there, fully assuming the infinite Discrimination of what Exists Spherically.

It would involve a fundamental “Attitude” that would enable confronting and exploring any type of possible Problem. Mainly on being applied according to Consciousness raising-Therapy of Neuropsychic alterations.

A systematic “real-logical” Process that starting from an unspecified level could still (allowed) nevertheless be supported on it to establish the naturalness and efficiency of the disturbing factors.

Understood this way, Reality is and cannot stop Being (inasmuch as it must presuppose the totality of the Absolute) which is synonymous with Presence. Which means that neither Science nor Religion can accede to Integral Comprehension. While one and the other (in opposite directions) dispense with one part of the Content splitting it into two halves. Even though they seem to accept (or rather tolerate) what is inevitable, creatively they are of no use whatsoever.

And this is the big mistake. Since we can only refer to “real” as Unity. Unity of the Total undividable; though being constituted (hierarchically equated) in Priority relation. Being considered in strict Transcendent Presence that culminates in pure Spirit.

And that is—must be—the Objective “Attitude” of the Conscience. That of assuming—in unison—indistinctly the Transcendent or Superfluous as parts of the Existing. Realising oneself—self-demanding—according to Validity and quality—contrasted—and, therefore, Complementary.

Being thus, Everything that is solitary is a consequence. And before, or there is Nothing, or we can establish a “First Cause”; motivator of the resulting phenomenic effects.

Therefore, if we want to comprehend “what it is”, we have no other option than starting with the pure beginning.

Confining ourselves to consider that experience shows us over and again thay only one reality exists; that which can be perceived (in whatever form) by each thing.

Starting from the basis of considering that each one, each thing, is unique in itself. Which means that other beings, other things (everything that happens) are, must always be, somewhat ensuing, understood while in relation to the Being themselves. Destined to be considered (accepted, refused or, better still, adapted) from the level of “feeling” itself.

The determining factor must be the “Feeling” itself. And it is only according to the “Feeling” that Man Is and shows himself capable to accede to and realise himself in that which is destined to be. That each one must discover if it applies to “feeling”; from one moment to another, All the Life.

The first step, then, for a possible—essential—Comprehension lies in noticing up to what point everyone and each one in particular is found conditioned by the anonymous, arbitrary complex of collective-social coexistence.

But what matters consists of confirming, going deeper into Vocation itself; the factor guarantees the validity of the Creative “Ascetics”.

Which, in fact, is specified in the effective conditions of the Physical meaning, Being resolved

—Equated—in Sensitive Transcendence.

To make Existence—at all times—simply a Work of Art (in all aspects and at all levels). That justifies Life (risky, unforeseeable) in the terms of a permanent Prodigy.

In rigour, everything is reduced to a problem of fundamental Attitude; that of remaining Available. Limiting oneself to record; and what must be, will be in the measure and meaning that correspond, Creative.

It is clear that the Philosophy I suggest must be that which corresponds to the approaching Second Millennium. In this, everything extends and is promoted to maintain a supreme Activity. That deep down has no Meaning whatsoever.

In my conception, the opposite (I would say salutiferous), I recommend alert Immobility, creator of the Miracles.

Which seems to me enough to make living a chosen adventure. Intensely continues at each moment, always pending the Prodigy. Nothing more than fully disposed to take it in and serve it with admiration, Religious. Simply deserving it. Assuming “what it is” and continues being, abstaining from intervening in the absolute minimum.

In short, it would involve the Significance

—Sphered—that spreads from the Centre to the Periphery. From the diffuse, suggestible, essential Centre, to a settable, specifiable and effective Periphery.

Producing (existentially) the situations and results consequent in everything and everyone. In Meaning and according to Absolute, Unitary and Personal ones.

And this is how the Being (all things), Relaxing, adapts and Accedes to be able to Be.

In other words, of the Enigma of the Beginning, gradually transforming—evolutional—becoming Pure Spirit. A reservoir (imminent) to the margin of space and time.

But the “Key” of supreme Comprehension lies in noticing that, if the “Resuts” are infinite, in contrast, the Cause that determines them is just One.

That which Reality decides at each moment in virtue of the Absolute interplay; produced in Complementary function between Opposite terms. Obeying the Priority Objective that promotes the consideration of what Exists, adapting constantly in Equation of meaning and Presence. Operational, revealing.

In principle, then, as soon as it happens (Man included) Existence comes from some minimum factors, from those that continue and transform constantly.

But in the possible millenniums, in the infinities of the Times passing from the Beginning, it does not seem that basically decisive changes have occurred. Rather it would be that the Conditions and Structure of origin have come substantially unaltered.

It is true that the Life of Man has registered important transformations of Efficiency and Knowledge. But, in the end, at the level of the Personal Psyche, everything leads to thinking that it continues staying the same.

Surviving the indefectible “problem” imposing itself on everything. Constituting a custom that is immoveable and, in the end, perhaps, of accommodating, advantaged act. Reluctant by principal to all substantial change.

Mainly if, basically, it already presupposes an effort and also the renouncement of some more or less conscience routines.

Which would lead to thinking that intending or expecting the Human being to undertake a decisive, radical revision in order to transform his way of living in the way of decisive improvement is not seen as feasible; in no aspect. Imperatives and purposes that, forever, have remained in strict theory. Changed, renewed, yes; but always ineffective in the general or collective meaning.

Being thus, the only thing that counts is the unusual exception of Individual Ascetics.

In these conditions, if Personal Existence shows it—in Unitary tendency—disconnected from the conventional setting, it can do nothing other than discover itself Isolated; misunderstood and very often rejected. Whether done or not done.

Since it always presupposes and brings a priori some different results to those that the Collective-Social reality can admit with difficulty. And this is often the luck—risky, unforeseen—that predominates over those that act or occur in a Creative way.

A necessity to act and continue in an isolated way, yes, but in the end unavoidably yearned for, hopeful; confined to following “Feeling” and cooperating; Discovering and assuming the Essential Meaning, experiencing it and transcending it in permanent Miracle.

The fact is that the Human being (certainly as Species of exception, the Attitude and the Conduct that from the beginning he chose, guided him, (diverting him) to move away from the predominant Instinctive-Meaning, which has never stopped imposing itself on other formations (in the Animal or plant for example).

It is clear and true, undoubtedly, that only doing it in this way could he hope to reach a level of experience and knowledge that would bring the guarantee of results destined to produce a maximum efficiency (That of Science and Technology that dominate everywhere). And this is the situation (truly surprising, exceptional) that he has managed to achieve.

But what continues intact is still the Enigma. And this is the reality; the fundamental question that one does not see or one eludes. That which would demand an “Ascetics” in terms of the Total; Absolute, indivisible.

Which brings a Meaning to the Being and calcifies the Enigma for us. An “Ascetics” that, in unison would attend to the Instinctive-Intuitive and the Reflexive-Deducible. Integrating them in Unity of Perception and Comprehension.

An Existence in which the Personality, absorbed and conditioned by the tendencies and premises of the Collective-Social, occur agitated and obsessed; pursuing illusory, frustrating objectives. Which stops him from noticing and taking into account the effective reality; in reference to the Meaning and its final outcome.

And this is how an unconscious, irresponsible deviation continues, behind an illusory, alienating “progress”, that with the obsession of insatiable conquest and pre-eminence, consumes and gradually annuls the substantial reserves (those of Oxygen, for example) with which Life is sustained. And it remains at the same time intervened, oppressed, by the underground action, covered, by all types of artifices, controllers or informers, of constantly perfected systems. Of unsuspected efficiency and refinement.

Life, then, socially, gives little satisfaction. A closed, exclusivist circuit producing the depressing panorama of a frustrating coexistence supported over Disorder.

What stands out from the “Attitude” and Action on occurring in tow of advantageous, arbitrary hungers. In which nobody does anything to maintain a sustained Unity—now from the base—in Merit itself. Which sees in Coexistence a common heritage. Within and equality of Rights (and also of Obligations) being resolved in Creative, Transcendent instance. Confining oneself with impunity that very few privileged ones hold all Power and Wealth arbitrarily and exclusively; ethically inhumane. With the indifferent consent (influenced, doctrinated, systematically alienated) of the immense majority.

In this situation, “what point is there of living together?” Aiming to present a Society based on mutual help. That does not show it has another end than the most implacable and shameless exploitation as a sole Objective. A routine life that avoids becoming Aware of an internal vacuity; without enthusiasm or longings. In consequence, Reality always presupposes the relating totality of which each moment is considered; both that detectable phenomenic, evident moment, and that one which can only be captured—subtly—in a way nothing more than intuitive, insinuated.

Coming—unlimited—from the most remote or immediate spaces … (uniquely experienceable at the level of Presence). Like a mystery or a Dream; presentiment or grief of what we know…!

But it is always different (it is something else) from what “one sees”, from what is commented on.

Always, really, a Miracle; Passionate and yearned for. Of something nothing more than felt.

Therefore, while the Sensitive-Physical perception is (inasmuch as it is spontaneous, available) that which corresponds to the Objective, the Physical-phenomenic consideration is (while conditionally deduced) that which occurs Subjectively. The Former refers to the Meaning. The Latter is that which is shown according to the Appearance. Consequently, the assignation of Value-Real in each case (while the Meaning directly stands out) must always be a definitive, inalterable attribution.

The mistake is always confusing the Significance (the Real Content) with the contingent Conditions that determine it at the level of Appearance.

Therefore, in relation to Meaning, the strict Evaluation of what is Real in each case must be made apart and over the Conditionings inherent in the Apparent Phenomenon. Which are no more than a mere relative and transitory aspect, though necessary.

Basically, then, what is imposed is confined to an Essential Content which, as it is Absolute, is raised in Possibility; determinable, exhaustive. That is, of Meaning that Transcends in Unity of Presence; here, like the notion of Reality—Made Existing—(that is, Conditioned, Phenomenic), it may have the possibility of Being. But nothing other than transitory, relative. Subject to the inconsistency of being sustained in Space and Time.

As we see, it is at the level of Possibility that Everything (Totally) remains imminent, virtual, determinable.

And it is only in terms of existence that the interplay of some things with others occurs.

An interplay that, though in different conditions is unlimited (both as a whole and by the thing in itself), in what is Essential an Organicist relation occurs; which maintains a state of spontaneous, permanent balance. Which will mean that, on not being intervened by the partial action of no aspect, Existence would be maintained indefinitely unaltered.

Intervention that produces the distinct states of predominance or servility; of incrementing or annulling diversely partial or generalised (Phenomenic or Potential).

Which, at the level of Meaning, is regulated and balanced automatically.

It is, therefore, always the existential intervention (of the determined aspects or factors) that promotes the alteration. Effective, yes, but (in some way) motivator of Disorder; more or less relative and transitory.

Being thus, the maintenance of a possible Positive Balance will require—by principle—the comprehensive acceptance of an “Attitude” and Action (Normative) of all Being and all Things (Process of distension). Although it would not stop taking in a constant evolutional progression and efficiency, it will never lose sight of the imperative—unavoidable—of a Harmonised Creative Process.

Realising oneself as a spontaneous result of interaction; occurring in exigency of Meaning and integrating Transcendence, in which Reality—in formation of Existence—is constituted (within the exhaustive sphere of Significance) in Order of Absolute Priority, Sphered. It is always of a double Priority: that of the terms in themselves and that of their constitutive interrelation. Discriminating and outstanding—Physically—in the meaning of Equation. Conditioned. Regarding what would be the multiple Conditions in which the factors consider those that would promote the suitable Ordering of meaning that it determines.

But, in rigour, I consider that the act of Being must consist of Serving and Giving, in the Meaning of Unicity itself; creative, Personal. Cooperating in All.

And it is the Prodigy of Existing (although it is an Enigma) that can contribute to Vida; with which it justifies it. Making it once more necessary, indispensable, sufficient.

Central Concentration (Creative Integration).

Peripheral Expansion (Conciliatory Liberation).

We see, therefore, that noticing Reality would presuppose (by principle) assuming it, at the level of Presence, in terms of Sensation.

Confronting it with longing for Comprehension and not of knowledge; partial and inconsistent.

Experiencing it, spontaneous, intuitive, in that consideration that stands out from our genuine Unicity. That on not being intervened, will remain susceptible to establishing the direct connection with what “really Is” in an Objectified way.

What is not possible in tow of the conventional position (Subjective) of our attitudes, criteria and imperatives. And demands to be Revised; not only for how much it is wrong, but also, even more, negatively interested; conflictive and insufficient at all levels.

Being thus, a (fundamental) Revision of Teaching and Educational training should, I believe, be embarked on in an unusual way; that which would take it to sustain itself—Creatively—in function of the Work of Art.

Understanding that, far from dealing with

—as it has always been—a minority discipline, “elitised”, it could be expanded and may influence—decisively—all levels, since I consider that one of the things that would have positive, decisive consequences, would be applied all over the world—without exception—it would have a direct access to the imperatives and objectives that the Work of Art poses. Both in meaning of Vocation and the realisation of mere Comprehension.

So, being an Artist, much more than a Profession, would be an imperative that would bring a yearning for Life, an experience of supreme Quality and Plenitude, superior to any other.

For the mere fact that, although it would not be exercised directly, would impose its exigency of Meaning, Transcendence and Normative


Confining ourselves to the idea that Reality is the determinable, simultaneous Absolute, Nothing or Totality, and therefore indivisible, we could say, then, that everything is the same and perceives the same; obviously, but in a varied way (integrating conjunction). Following the imperatives of the Personal Entity itself, Unitary; that which corresponds to its exact “Spot” of Location (within the Sphered Physical-Significant) of all that manifests itself.

And this Unicity (this imperative “Vocation of Being”) is the only thing that promotes and justifies Existence extoling it and sublimating it to a level of unknown Plenitude. Existentially Complemented.

What is imposed, then, is always confining—at all times—Sensitively synthesised and available. To live and to Be (Creatively) what fate requires one to Be.

This is how all types of problems would remain reduced to a simple steadfast approach. That which would establish the pertinent Meaning in each case starting from an Excess or lack, more or less emphasised. Perceived, intimately “Felt”, confined to the genuine Unicity of each one. Always unknown, revealingly informative. Essential and valid for all.

In other words, it would involve—in all cases—Forming, Educating, Orienting to the Personal Entity from a very early age, regulating and directing the instinctive or voluntary imperatives, adapting them to a responsible and efficient line.

Applying oneself in promoting—at all levels—an atmospheric “Climate”. Whether involving a child or an adult. Of Meaning and Creative Transcendence. Confronting it—whenever possible—with their own initiative and aptitude of decision.

Avoiding instilling an influence on them; promoter of habits that sooner or later are seen to be limiting. Very often—in the long term—insuperably.

And apply oneself to awakening in the child or Adult a variable Self-esteem and a longing for generous, comprehensive and hopeful independence.

More, then (very differently), than a “problematic” relationship between parents and Children, I believe that what is imposed is an imperative of harmony and caring Coexistence sustained in generalised comprehensive Cooperation.

Considering that to educate Children we should start by Educating the Parents. In what way? In that which basically would come to Liberate them. Liberate from all the baggage of Collective-social influences and, above all, from the very “Attitude”; often deficient and in many cases negative.

Which would presuppose a Total revision of what one thinks and what one tends towards. Applying oneself in testing it in practice.

Starting with the pure Beginning. That is, that of the Essential Origin and that of Reality.

Trying to discern the “What we are” and “Why?” and “To Do What?”, in the terms of the very Unicity; of all things and each one. Unknown, NON-transferable.

So, if one has to live nothing more than from oneself (of one’s Unicity), one must be alerted and available; to live, to “Feel”—in permanence—the Present; which from moment to moment it determines and transforms.

Without this presupposing living on the margin of people and the other things. But, precisely, just the opposite. That is, being Conscious to cooperate with them and serve them.

And it will be by producing and confining oneself to the very priority imperatives such as existence—spontaneously, naturally—it will be shown Positive and Creative. Promoter of Meaning and Transcendence. Resolving itself in Work of Art.

Being thus, each one would hold—now fundamental—a conscience, genuine, original Vision, inherent in one’s own Being. With which we can state that for the Human being it is lucky

—fabulous—that Existence, Reality, is an Enigma.

Since, otherwise, it would then be obvious up to what point existing (Personal and collective) is seen to be precarious; without rule or Meaning that substantiates it and which it deserves, justifies, sacrifices, and the anxiety that each step brings.

We need, then—imposed—, a fairly heavy baggage of flawless illusion and hope, to maintain a spirit in this “Climate” that—on its own—sustains in Creative instance.

Leading us to overcome the routine, frustrating vision; in order to live and “Accede” to a longing for Plenitude which—on its own—is realised through self-exigency.

And it will have to be then (when by now nothing gratuitous can be expected) when the Being finds a base in Merit itself; that pushes them to record the prodigy—exceptional—that everything is an Enigma, indeed, but hopeful.

That can only guess and deepen maintaining itself Available.

And it will be only in these circumstances, when the prodigious facts appear naturally, in each step. And Life, then, achieves becoming a Miracle. Which means, therefore, that the Style that also subsisted will have stopped Being. Becoming something different; difficult to imagine. Unless one glimpses that the existential rhythm (inevitable) it will occur within a “Climate” tempered by calm and Silence (in contrast and through exhaustion of a stage dominated by sterile activity and compulsive disorder).

A reflexive Silence; essentially orientated to assume and Comprehend. With which the World—Existing—(reducing) may gradually be extinguished. Until ending everything that refers to Man.

And starting another distinct stage, within the infinite, unforeseeable Absolute sphere. Showing that what matters, in rigour, is the Meaning. And not the necessary, inevitable interplay, of mere appearances. Which require to be integrated in formations of Creative Presence. That is, of the Work of Art.

Mainly when “the mysterious prodigy of Meaning consists of how something is born from Nothing” (Yu-Tsing).

Which presupposes that the Reality of the Existing—as the Total (simultaneous, sphericised)—cannot be “Meaning”, perceived, in any part that is not the Centre.

From here the “Attitude” that makes it possible to detect and Comprehend can only be located in the place—permanent, unalterable—where the Conscience is placed. That, advised, available amid the integral sphere of Possibilities, it gradually “feels”—at each moment—those which are determined. And at the same time, in consequence, can be noticed, recorded, in the terms of Tendency and Condition in which they are shown effective (at the Essential and Phenomenic level) with the Sphericity.

Understood in this way (before all Existence) in the Origin (if one can speak of Origin), it is only feasible to refer to the prior Indetermination of the Possibility considered Available. Everything and Nothing on a par.

But Existence—while limited—will inevitably have to tend towards Nothing or Totality in priority meaning.

Starting, then, from one or the other, the situation would be presented in tendency. With which at the level of Absolute (uniquely virtual) will impose the exigency—determinative—of a Compensatory meaning or imperative.

And this would be (in definitive) the Initial Consideration. That of a Tendency (virtual) of the Possibly promoting—in some aspect—the Contrasted projection.

Starting from what the exhaustive meaning that the Total presupposes, since the integrating factors are—must be—obligatorily limited, it cannot be either foreseen or intervened in.

Which imposes the “Leaving Be” as a sole premise; limiting oneself to maintaining oneself Impeccable and Available, to promote the Best according to Merit. Mainly when it seems that the Human being (within the infinite diversity of the possible formations)—already in principle—would have the Conditions suitable to reach Plenitude.

Among which the “Attitude” (awareness-raising) would be the essential. Occurring in strict Complementary relation in all the aspects. “Attitude” that serves both to notice and confine to the “Real” and to control and maintain the Balance—at all levels—within the Being.

Achieving a basic-permanent state, which tends to neutralise the Tendencies between Opposite terms.

Maintaining oneself Available to be only the Testimony of “what is” and continues being when it occurs spontaneously. Realising oneself in pure meaning and, therefore, of Transcendence, which culminates in Experienced Sensation. On the other hand, it is difficult to admit that, in rigour, the supreme Comprehension (Wisdom) can be reduced to nothing more than the right “Attitude” and the consequent Conscience. That simple. The “Attitude”, then, is limited to placing in the foreground the function of the conscience, starting by placing it in the only suitable place in which it can work. Confined to being the Centre. Surrounded by the expansive-sphericised Content of Possibilities. If—as everything shows—the Realisable Possibility is Absolute and the Being—all things—are seen to be a partial and relative aspect that exists, precisely, for being its testimony and Unicitary exponent (of a gradual and progressive way), it is therefore clear that what matters first of all must be the “Attitude” in which the Being—existentially—maintains themselves. To assume and “Feel” the conjunction of “what is” simultaneously, yes, but also evolutional. And at the same time exhaustive. Integrating it into Education of Meaning and Transcendent Presence, which deals with (at each moment) “what Is” and what must be. “Attitude” that would bring (and promote) the corresponding Action that everything has destined in principle. With which all whim to decide and do would be annulled, in tow of a limited and biased vision; in rigour, subjective, irresponsible.

We do not need, therefore, anything else than confining ourselves to the “Attitude” as integral synthetisation—imperative—to live and to Be in realising option. An attitude that, on showing itself to be correct (that is, available and objective), is that which determines the “Climatic” experience (spontaneous, genuine) of the Transcendent Prodigy.

Doing no more than noticing and realising that which Existence possesses. Nothing more simple and yet exhaustive, deserving, sufficient. They are only, then—they must be—, the Attitude and the Action, those that must be definitively counted. To make of Life an experience that leads equally to the Supreme Plenitude or the lowest frustration. Diversely suffered or deserved responsibly; in tow and at the level of the Conscience.

Therefore, everything lies in Acceding; to Be, to Realise. And this is the imperative that must guide our living. We ensure that All and each one becomes Available in Creative expansion.

Merit that brings us the truth of not having lived in vain. Integrating into the fluency of Meaning that constantly renews in Transcendent Prodigy.

Therefore, finally, all the Problematic that Existence involves is reduced to Comprehending and realising what it imposes to be done. Becoming aware of the the Objective Presence of what Is, nothing other than in Imperative Imminence of Determinable Absolute. From which all Possibility occurs in transformative sequence of Presence. Which discriminating in gradations of meaning, creatively accedes to integrate into the Centre. Although, in a vegetative way, it goes off dispersed in Periphery. To be resolved in Unity that tends to regulate and harmonise both the excess and the lack in Complementary function. Assumed and experienced genuinely, spontaneously, Personally. Therefore, over the base of the Beginning and the Enigma which is imposed at the end of the day, we should also consider that Existence involves a twofold (simultaneous) projection; that which requires maintaining the very Organism in permanent balance—efficient and healthy—and that which reclaims the “Ascetics”.

Balance, then, and Ascetics that respects the Health and Psycho-physical stability are no more than the result of a compensatory Contraction or Strain.

And, in rigour, what is involved here is “Feeling” the Totality (aware) in permanent Habit. Experiencing it in Presence. Making sure that all types of Tension or Alteration is immediately neutralised; Stretching the Contraction from inside to outside.

To summarise, then, all culminates (it begins and is realised) in the “Attitude”. Which presupposes and determines the consequent Conduct; that of Impeccability, as a factor of principle. Which is limited to Experiencing, avoiding intervening in and interested and advantaged way.

Confining ourselves to the fact that we know nothing, nor can we know anything before things are. Limiting ourselves to keeping ourselves Conscious at the level of the Objective.

So that everything else (in whatever aspect) cannot be more than a “Result”. That could never be considered qualified to stand in “Principle”; that is, in Priority Cause.

Noticing that each being is a sensitive Entity that produces and reacts according to Meaning and Conscience. Being thus, it is befitting that there must be these imperatives that can act directly and decide in the cases and situations in which the Organism is altered or affected—both by illness and by accident or decadence—in a highly positive-creative way.

It is clear that the use of suitable medical products may (momentarily and in appearance) come more directly and immediately. But in the long term everything shows that they continue to presuppose a marginal life, as well as forced, deviating and in short intrusive. That in many cases it may be negative or inoperative. Which would lead to consider that the possibilities if genuine ordering and recovery, necessary, is now found by nature contained in the Organism itself. And the question consists of nothing more than knowing how to use them in the appropriate measure and moments.

With the double advantage that the mere act of limiting the use of them already presupposes an “Ascetics”; at the service of a higher, more effective, meaning of Being.

More than ever, then, the Being must get used to not relying on anything else except Themselves. In all the aspects, resulting in the maximum emergence of their own faculties. Which as we know are (and should be) Unicitary. And they claim to be taken to the maximum fulfilment. And this is the “real-logical” exigency that is imposed as priority on each one.

The question is in applying oneself in experiencing them making them aware no more than in strict Sensation. Intimately assumed. Without any type of burden or servitude of event-based sign. Using only what the instant requires.

And it will be in the right measure in which the thing occurs as the Tendential-Compulsive Pressure will remain unattended; to be transformed into pure, simple, Sensitive Transcendence. Straining—available—integrated into the Central.

Sensation that, in each case, presupposes the conjunction (sphericised) of the “Real”—exhaustive—being resolved in Consciential-Equationed validity.

Resulting from the “Attitude” by which the Being would assume it, “Feel it”, the surrounding Sphericity itself, condensing into the “Key points” (Essential-Significant) of the:


Behind                    Forward

(Condition)                       (Effectiveness)


Right                                   Centre                       Left

(Determination)  (Conscience)            (Virtuality)


Above                      Below

(Imperative)                      (Validity)


And this should be the “Rule” that is set out as an option of Existence. That which leads us to Accede in order to try and realise ourselves.

Ensuring that the level that exists has managed to finally be absorbed by the fluency of the Imminent Content of the Absolute, which renews eternally.

And this is how Existence in each Being is justified and is shown as necessary to obtain the sufficient validity; according to the Merit.

It does not involve, therefore, that on the reality of the Being dying it can be seen continued “reincarnating”.

What can be sought is that the level of the Meaning that has become Aware is an integrating factor of existing that renews.

Which is more than sufficient to urge us (while we are) to maintain ourselves valid in Creative instance.

A relief that can only promote using the “Attitude” as a decisive factor to produce the Balance.

That demands to feel “Being the Centre”; within the Sphericity.

In simultaneous and permanent experience. Eminently Available.

Therefore, more than ever it is very clear to me that Existing only has Meaning according to Experience. In other words, of Sensitive experience.

Detectable in terms—Physical—of the strict momentariness in which it is considered and continues in an evolutionary way.

This seems to be Reality; nothing less than the pure instant, adapting to be and to let be in constant transformation.

Being thus, what remains can only be referred to the content that the thing shows. With the object of recording what can and must be; and adapting to it. Abstaining or cooperating. At the level of intuition.

The rest, in rigour, does not concern us. It will be what has to be within the ruling Order; essential, consequent, always valid. Adjuring to produce in strict integration at all the levels. Sufficiently.

Thus, in all interrogation regarding pure Origin—radical—of what Exists, the only thing that seems of worth to me consists of referring to nothing other than the tendency—virtual—of the Fulfilment, promoting the interaction of the Opposite aspects; integrating into the objective (essential finalist) of realising in Plenitude of meaning and Transcendence.

In consequence, we should realise that—forever—never, in everything, has it stopped being presented as an indefectible error; that which in things, the facts, does not take into account or have of the radical Beginning. That of the Pire beginning that, since it is the Origin Origen (by being valid), would already be of All.

Which means that—to me at least—I find it hard to admit that it goes in this way and its evidence is not seen.

And this is the situation that—in fact—I am experiencing; that of living in a world that seems absurd to me, inasmuch as it persists in being without the base of Origin.

Which means that everything is not only relative, but—more seriously—illusory, inconsistent.

In the secret sorrow of a possible existence of Meaning and permanent prodigy, supporting itself within Order; “Real-logical”—exhaustive indefectible—. At all the levels.

In which the notion of Time would be invalidated; strictly reduced to being fully experienced. Nothing more than in terms of the Present.

The present, that which is shown effective renewing itself constantly at the service of validity. The evidence—the pure miracle—of the Meaning, transcending; becoming effective. On the other hand, avoiding that we are pressured by incitation or excitation of the things that seduce or weaken us. Disturbances must be eliminated.

And with them, the consequent states of Tension or Confusion. Something that in itself represents depowering them, limiting oneself to consider them at the Objective level.

Assuming and Stretching the content of the Meaning or the Presence that is considered, making it Conscious from the Centre.

And that is all there is to do. Question (in culminating rigour) of a way of understanding and—at the same time—also of Being and acting.

In which it is clear to us the exceptional validity of a Presentiality transcending as an existence apart, to the margin of the world of Men. Silent, suggestive, Unfolding and transforming static and available, in always previously unknown messages.

Barely noticed and, what to say, even less experienced in those unusual, ineffable Sensations in which Life unfolds and reveals to us if we stay alert.

Which leads one to deduce, basically, that we Humans persist in producing ourselves marginalised in a situation hard to overcome. Which leads us to consider our limitation as being superbly self-sufficient in ourselves above everything else.

A very ingenious and irresponsible way of understanding Reality, as one can notice in light of the results. Those that sadly remain patent—more or less inevitable—in the inner living of each one.

In which the Being, far—very far—from continuing an exultant, realising existence, generally does no more than maintain a precarious frustrating drift; in tow of gratuitous and advantageous hungers and yearnings; without Meaning or illusion.

Far from coming to suspect the Unity of Existence that is considered in the total relation of things with each other. That is, nothing less than the Unity of Unicitates.

Holders of their own meaning of being through which they become essential. With the only condition of showing oneself radically genuine.

Being thus, the possible “Primacy” is something very relative. Which can only be counted according to the Equation.

That which determines its Meaning in terms of Transcendence.

Having to conclude that Divinity could never be the “First cause”. On the contrary, the culminating result of an infinite “Ascetics”. That of the permanent search towards the supreme Plenitude. Occurring essentially in the stages of:


Presence     Transcendence        Sensation

(of Meaning)         (Equationed)           (Experiencing)

—and of Plenitude—



In this sense, according to what a Psychiatrist told me a short time ago, “People” now complain that “they cannot understand each other in bed”. Which is highly symptomatic. Providing the evidence that—like it or not—a “tiredness” must occur, a lack of interest, not only in “bed”, but in everything that usurps an importance, a prestige, that does not have the sufficient Creative base.

Creativity understood in the sense of a basic curiosity, based on a permanent imperative of evolution and renewal.

And at the level of the merely instinctive-sexual imperative (however exciting or fascinating it appears to us initially), the habit—in the shorter or longer term—must end up undermining and depowering its attraction and consistency.

To end up becoming—as a minimum—in something indifferent and boring, until even becoming repellent and unbearable. The fact is that the fashion—on the rise—of “Separations” is not insignificant. Which becomes a highly noticeable symptom of the tonic that today is being imposed.

Which leads one to conclude that, despite it not appearing to be or suspecting, in the depths of each one and each thing a yearning is strengthened, a need for greater humanistic content

—emotive, that would stir up a trace perhaps hardened forever—that demands to return flowing and practicable.

Showing that Life—at the end of the day—tends to have a Meaning; a minimum longing for Being. And that the ruling vacuity—sooner than it seems—will impose the objectives of a greater exigency (simply transformative-evolutional, at all levels). A transformation that would certainly produce decisive modifications in fundamental aspects. In which Love would hold and maintain a dignity that—it is inevitable—in erotic-sexual relations is found supplanted by the strict incentive of Possessing and Enjoying.

Making loving (in the longing that promotes the attraction and the sorcery of Meaning and Beauty) unable to stop showing itself in Integrating vehemence; transcendent, Spiritual.

Thus—very much in contrast to Sexual contact—, the need of loving, of Carressing, of Kissing, would correspond to an instance of Total Giving and Sublimation.

And regarding erotic-sexual relations, in the specific case that the attractive fascination occurs in exceptional terms, I believe, I consider that the evolution of the subjugated Attitude will not stop occurring, adopting a new orientation. Deeper and more sensitive. In rigour, more demanding; more attracted by a longing of exhaustive, exceptional Plenitude.

Transforming what had always been moved with intentness and insatiable, possessive obsession, sublimating it in permanent state of supreme admiration and adoration.

That is what appears to be able to be deduced (from right now) of the different indices that can go being warned.

Inside the Sphericity of Absolute Real pressured between the Up and the Down of the Right (from behind) projecting itself towards the Left in the Consciousness raiser, the content is transformed.

Continuing inside of the Order, unalterable, the Meaning Compensator that is arguing (without defects) at the base of Plenitude between the Opposing terms. From the Periphery to the Centre, in the ascetics remains Uniticity.

And this is All the Meaning that sustains Existence—the Imperative of All and Nothing at the same time as arriving a Being.

The most that Being can return to the ‘Point of Departure, that of Possibility, undetermined, that is argued in Pure Enigma That of “What?” that of “How?’”, that of “To Do What?”

Exhaustive interrogatory that justifies the Living we do not know if it is illusory or effective. But Deserving is imposed with that is now sufficient.

What counts is to maintain the “Attitude” Available and Balanced, making it, in this way All is integral inside of Order, creative and realised. In all that pushes to “Leave Be” avoiding intervention (if not then to co-operate) inside the Mystery,

Valid in a spontaneous, available and intuitive way.

Warning the Existing only has Meaning (Reason and being) in as much as substance in Creative Presence and substantially Sphericised of the Fundamental Aspect:


Centre: Conscience

Periphery: Manifestation

Behind: Virtue

In Front: Effectiveness

Left: Condition

Right: Determination

Above: Spirit

Below: Material


Resolving at levels of: Presence (Essential and Climatic Signification) at the base of Ascetics: Integrationist or of Flow: Dispersive.

And accordingly it is argued that the Participation and the Equation of these Aspects, the Image that always results will be, in each case, that of the valid Reality.

That which will give the tonic of your Tension or the Imbalance , That will have to be ruled and adequate to the Meaning premises that making effective has imposed.

And it is that in rigour, there is no other type of Reality that is not Sphericised. Being thus, the assimilation of the Elements and aspects in those that all Sphere is found constituted and ends up being the Essential. That is THE SUPREME essential Understanding.

That which imposes upon us to maintain the Relaxing supporting itself in the Balance, Compensated, Projecting inside and at the same time Above and towards Below. From the Centre (on the Left) expanding towards the Peripheral Front and by the Right (inversely) in the Behind. Without effort or tendency of any kind.

This could be the definite ‘Attitude’: that of the Simplicity—Order and Easing to the service of the Objective Conscience, Responsible. At the base of Deserving and Plenitude.




As a general vision, I consider it convenient to insist in what, de facto, as an obsessive and fundamental question is; to try to know the why, because Cause and Meaning, the Existence are argued and determined. An Enigma, a Questioner that is always kept valid.

Although, however, it is, it has always to be, the intuitive Synthesis of Presence that which must establish the validity of Meaning and prevailing; and only in this way to be able to reach a formula of concepts and (admirable) results in Science.

Without being able, however, to produce any type of contradiction or conflict but precisely the contrary: to sustain mutually confirm.

Doing it this way, Existence will not be found separated but hierarchical, creatively integrated and promoted to make of it (at all levels) a “Work of Art”.

So then, it wouldn’t be dealt with as another thing of the imperative of Meaning and Transcendence, proffering a strict Creative, essential problem.

All the question, therefore, is in knowing if, as Einstein intuitively thought, whether there exists the possibility to establish a definitive Universal Law that corresponds and guarantees the validity of the Integral Order; unfailing at all levels.

Now that the only thing of depth is guessed as being valid is the reality of the unmovable “Order and some Laws”. Directly promoted in step with the Absolute.

It cannot be denied, however, that “Science” (and in general, all possible Knowledge) concludes in this way in “Results” of the practical-effective Order. A fundamental level for Man; in principle limited, conditioned. But the error does not lie in that Science and the applications that derive from it can be enjoyed at the corresponding level. But this group of Knowledge becomes Priorities. To stop accumulating, influencing and supplanting the genuine imperatives of Comprehension and Creative Realisation that are shown to be indispensable.

And it is here where the radical Revision continues to be inexcusable; that of promoting what is Comprehension that which establishes Science, now from the foundations. Arguing in the Reality of an Objective Presence (not of the Reason-deductive Knowledge) that we argue at each moment The Meaning “What is it”’. Presence that reveals to us, by intuitive virtue, available in the strict Sensation.

An undesignated existing in which All, surging from Nothing and finally returns to Nothing. But not uselessly; now that Meaning evaluates and is distinguished by the positive Ascetics of things.

The only tangible example that Living does not go away; Despite not knowing where to take it. And here is the marvel: That of Finality that always asks for more. To end, if it is to end, by finding again the Absolute; but now Spiritualised. Without beyond being possible. And it is this that Man (considered as an exceptional species) would find it convenient to understand, merely the Possibility (the Option of Being) from which it is available with Existence in order to transform itself into Spirit. I believe it would be treated in depth of a strict question of Sensitivity and Comprehension. In that which, as always, I see that is understood (tried to understand) from some suppositions or Scientific checks that often contradict themselves. And from these the Universal System is mounted and unravelled.

What is conceived and what is claimed to have to (necessarily) correspond with Reality. Making us each time we reencounter with the inevitable Enigma; with the unfamiliar of “What?”, “of How?”, to “what End?”. That is with the strict question of Meaning and their (sufficient) “Reason to Be”. But once trapped in the Scientific premises, there is no way to escape, and its thus how we continue detailing the series of correlations and exclusive consequences. Without bearing in mind, neither for a moment, the Existing corresponds to the exhaustive Absolute, And that, therefore, is left to considered the part, if not opposing, that which is kept divided in Science. Simply that of Spirit and its revealing Sensations. Warning that between some and others there are (there has to be), if Existent is Total, an undivided connection, consequent, arguing at the base of Priority.

Priority that cannot at least drive a conviction of radical Uniqueness of everything. Which pre-behaves the notion of the Absolute and its integral Order, without defect, exercising itself at all levels, in all aspects which promotes and regulates the Process of the Existent.

And its only from this way as the Enigma can it be understood. That is, it can be addressed, approached, without having to change its argument, initiating itself in the “Nothing” in order to assume what is Total. The Total that, to be as such, demands that everything that holds the unknown that is “what is Real” reserves it and ends up indispensable’ And it is like, only like, the Organicity of the Existent that is produced without fault.

Nothing more than the simple act (the only “Law”) from which, being exhaustive, “what is Real” is Complemented and mutually compensating, unknown and Creative. Resuming the exclusive trajectory that orients you towards Plenitude itself.

What the strict “Reason for Being” has to bestow on you is, of a definitive form, that which is justified and an indispensable mission is assigned to you; that of Being that can be Being. The case is that Existence is concluded en the instant (Presence) in that it is determined or lived. But this “Climatic” content that argues…from where does it come?

Apparently it could not be anything other than the conjunction of Existence itself transforming itself constantly at the base of partial aspects, diversely Creative or Frustrating. Totality would always, then, be determined by that Reality of what Is. Mutually becoming influenced and conditioned. Becoming evident that the conduct, partial, of All in as much as Is rigorously responsible of Existing in general. As from every thing to each one.

Facing, then, the Enigma the Existing only has one alternative: that of limiting itself to live without responsibility, clinging to opportunism in all aspects or more to its inverse “feeling” the Presence of Order, Absolute, Immanent, unswerving, assuming itself in Personal Instance; Religious, Creative.

What makes me suspect, it ends up evident, is that Existence that we experience demands to be revised.

At first, socially and as a consequence obliged at a Familiar and finally Personal level.

Beginning by inverting the terms of Ordination. That is locating , in the first place (unremittingly prioritised) the Personal experience. Always bearing in mind that we exist, we produce ourselves so as to become Being. The best, the most complete that can be. What we demand to be maintained available and freed of the huge accumulation of premises and social obligations that condition and oppress us.

Imposing upon us now principally, all a code of “Laws” and Tendencies (generally interested and coerced) that limits us in a decisive way, obstructing from us the Ascetics and the expansion of our most genuine and creative possibilities.

It is convenient then to Invalidate, in the first place the unity of Marriage and procreation of the Children as a socially indispensable and distinct mission. What is superimposed, in all aspects, to the free development of the behaviour, without renouncing, of the Self Being, Unitary.

In this sense, the loving relationship between complementary sexes ought to be exercised and fomented in the widest sense, but at the same time liberated.

Then the Procreation would happen unannounced converting into a natural end. And at the end of the day it would be controlled by the Social Organism

That it would normalise the Quantity as much as the Quality and its suitable purpose—development. In accordance with the general imperatives that social efficiency would demand. It is like this that each Being would count on the maximum possibilities. And degenerative excess would never be produced in whatever aspect. Giving as the pre-seen end a form of the highest example of Social Collectiveness and Creativity.

Freed from the arbitrary Competitiveness that until now (and since always) has become pre-dominating, the existing would anticipate the production of vocational intensity in so much as the extreme ‘Option of Being’

With what Life would obtain–an unsuspected Sense of Quality; that being offered equally to each one, would invalidate all form of negativity.

Arguing more than ever in Creative Ascetics for the transcendental instant that is resolve in Works of Art. To aid the Absolute, resolving itself in Pure Spirit.

And so Creativity does not show itself to us as The Essential Objective. In that which all intent of realisation can only be started as of a Feeling or an Experience. But never as a trailer for a Thematic or an Argumentation, concluding indifferent that the Abstract-Naturalist or Neutralised is proffered. Now that the only thing that accounts is the Plastic one itself; in that which is contained the Possibilities–exhaustive of Feeling and Expression. A Presence that demands to be produced instantly with Harmony, Resolution (as a Priority) in the sufficient stipulations of:


- Placement - Scale - Proportion -

- Structure - Tendency - Density -

- Discrimination - Luminosity - Tonality -

- Compensation - Equation - Transcendence -


Being thus, inside the multiple orientations in which Knowledge and Understanding, in general, can be focussed. All continues to validate that would be Realisation and Artistic Creativity those which end up more imperative in terms of Educational Training.

Due to that In themselves they pre-suppose the maximum guarantee (normative-regulator) of Harmony and Plenitude to which every class of Reality must be referred to as the maximum to consider and qualify how much we can make available.

Being this way, Ascetics for the Understanding of Creativity (far from being the attribute of a ridiculous elite minority) must be located at a level of generalised application. That being resolved in the just expression (accentuated and attenuated) ends up key in order to communicate a content that can only be intimately lived in a direct way. Personal: in as much for the Creator as the simple spectator.

Its from here the Objective of realisation has to be the Significance resolving itself in the 12 basic Aspects of Expressive Sculpture: applicable to whatever training or situation of Existence. Making a piece of Work to the interrogator definitely of why it is considered Valid or not valid. And then leave it on show. Like this (i)n whatever level of Existence the decisive imperative ought to be that of the Creator (Composer) from the fundamental factors of the exhaustive Sculpture. At the end of making the Climate Signifier experienced that it is meant to achieve. Resolving the equationed in terms of Transcendence.

Avoiding types of Thematic consideration or interfering Argument or that it is imposed as a predominant factor. Another level that’s intimately related with what is referred to as experiences, institutions and revelations to Sensitivity.

That in Beings, more than being different, they don’t have anything in common, making it precisely evident that the majority end up inexistent. Given that what is used to being produced is the permanent sequence of perceptions and rational deductions of mental activity.

And so we see that the sphere of Sensations is shown to be subtle and delicate. Receptive to situations and phenomena that, for the vast majority, are not felt. But that, however, they “are” and moreover, they appear in a form of priority, distinguished. Exponent of what can only be perceived and experienced in virtue of pure “Feeling”.

But inside this qualified grading, the levels produced are always the result of Beauty and Harmony making the “Work of Art”. Everything is rooted in the Imperative “Climatic-Creative” adjusting, transmuting into the spell of Presence and Equational Transcendence. In what the Centre (the Conscience of the spherical Setting) determines the Sensation of


 Up                           Down

(Imperative)                      (Validity)

Behind                    In front of

(Possibility)                       (Effectiveness)

Right                                   Left

(Determination)  (Virtuality)


Assigned to each one the Fundamental Sculpture Factor, appropriate to each case.

What has to be said therefore, in a decisive way, is that it has to be:


- Simplicity - Discrimination - Accentuation -


resolving itself in Equational validity.


And this is already Everything. Or what is discussed as “Feeling” (Co-operating) guiding itself by the Intuition. The rest comes alone. Adjusting itself as the “Law” and Normative to the tending impulses of Complementation between Opposing terms. Whilst keep itself Impeccable. Finally “Acceding” to Being the best one can be, Being. On the basis of Deserving. It is necessary to avoid confusing Reality with the phenomena it shares. Those of Life for example. At every level

There must be a warning that the “Phenomena” are not (and cannot be) more than results; always relative. And often illusory. And that scientific language (terminology) can be evaluated in its own area of protocols. From there, objectively considered, Reality is, it appears to us as an Enigma.

And that, in this situation, The “attitude” of Being (of the sensitive entity) is to limit itself, strictly, to contemplating and “Letting Be”, adjusting simply to co-operate the object of helping the Being. And doing it this way is to justify Life Itself. The only way in that infinite limitations can be surpassed that we warn and to accede, gradually, to levels of unsuspected Reality. To enter into the pure Reality of Presence. Assuming “What is”, Simple-Clear Prodigious. Given that the most perturbing is that the Human Being has come to self sign the indemonstrable importance: exceeding at all levels. What continues as “living apart” of the Objective Reality. As yours was Reality; or less Prioritised. Strictly speaking that which is far from being.

In short, the path does not exist to begin in Knowledge and assume the Understanding that the Beginning of the Pure Start imposes. That state in which nothing is still determined; and nothing more from that, for successive connections, go integrating in “the Real” for consequent results more and more Complimented (Compensated) that pose the question “What is” in the area of Feeling and gradual Presence (Transcendent Developer) in the role of Sensitivity.

In this decisive Base, it is enough. From all form of Knowing and Teaching there must be the logical end, adequately. With what a Spectacular Simplification and general efficiency would achieve would be shared in a natural way. The strict Order, responsible at all levels. And Life, Personal or Collective obligingly would have to show Creativity and Diversity in all aspects.